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Bereavement Services in Singapore

Bereavement services assist families in coping with the death of a loved one. They help to lessen the immediate emotional and physical discomfort experienced by loved ones while ameliorating lifelong morbidity related to unresolved grief. By reducing the chance of subsequent illnesses occurring amongst survivors, they can also lower overall expenses for health care and suffering, possibly reducing overall financial burdens upon the deceased. Additionally, bereaved families may discover that they receive support from clergy and other support groups who have expertise and knowledge of the process.

Bereavement grieve in different ways. Some individuals are able to grieve more productively and effectively by going through the process alone. Other individuals find that the support of others helps them to grieve more effectively and completely. Still others find that no matter how they grieve, the process of grieving does not eliminate the intense pains of losing a loved one. With the help of professionals in bereavement services, these individuals learn to not only grieve but to deal with the pain and emotions that they grieve.

In the event of unexpected deaths, it may be difficult for the bereaved family members to pay the bills associated with a funeral and any associated costs. Social workers that render bereavement services can help these families deal with the financial burden of their loved ones passing on. These workers have professional experience in dealing with these kinds of matters. These service providers typically have a range of financial services that they can offer to help families that are in need.

Coping With Grief

Bereavement grieve in many different ways. Some people may grieve by spending time with friends and family. Many of these bereavement services allow bereaved family members to meet and interact with other members of the bereaved group. These types of activities allow the bereaved to focus on the precious memories that they have of their loved one. These services may also include support groups that allow the bereaved to discuss their feelings with other similar people.

There are other methods that can be employed in an effort to help deal with the emotional after effects of the death of a loved one. One of the main methods that is used is called grief counselling. This is a highly structured type of therapy that helps the bereaved to deal with the emotional aspects of their grief. The counselling usually takes the form of individual sessions with the therapist. The sessions are designed around the needs of the individual family members.

In addition to counselling, bereavement services can also include grief support groups. These support groups are usually held weekly in a convenient location. The meetings are held by professionals who specialize in grief support and counseling. This type of bereavement support group is very helpful to those families that do not feel that they can speak openly about their feelings. These support groups are very effective at dealing with the issues surrounding grief and dealing with them in a collective setting.


The benefits of bereavement services are many. For instance, they help the family deal with the difficult times immediately following the loss of a loved one. They provide for the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support that is needed. They also allow the family to meet with qualified individuals who have experience in the same types of circumstances and understand what they have been through. Bereavement services are most effective when they are incorporated into the various stages of grief and must be ongoing for the best results.

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