Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist Funeral Services In Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Services is generally carried out according to the guidelines and traditions of the Buddhist or Taoist faith. Therefore pre-planning your own Buddhist Funeral Service need not be that much of a daunting task, all of which are required in a Buddhist Funeral Service, are only a few basic things that would really assist you in carrying out your funeral in the manner that is right. There are some helpful guidelines that may be used as an outline for planning a Buddhist Funeral Service. These guidelines have been put together after much analysis by experienced funeral planners and have proven to be most effective. I will explain below how they work:

  • Prior to listing the deceased’s name on the Buddhist obituary, one can provide some interesting information in terms of his or her personality. The obituaries should also list other important details about the deceased like his or her occupation and the extent of his or her involvement in the affairs of the family. The obituaries should also be accompanied by a brief note or poem. This note or poem may be written by the immediate family members. It can help to capture the essence of the deceased.
  • In most cases it is better to avoid using the name of the deceased as the title of the Buddhist obituary. This is because the name of the person will most likely be considered as offensive by some of those who are listening or viewing at the funeral. To avoid this situation, use the term “Benedict” or “Gratified” to describe the deceased. Remember that the temple where the prayer and funeral service will take place belongs to the bereaved family.
  • It is not necessary to write a song for the memorial service. You may write your own favorite hymn instead. Just ensure that you do not include any profanity in your song. If you cannot read the hymn yourself, you can have the temple help you with reading the hymns.
  • Make sure to listen to the poems or sayings that you will be using during the service. These Buddhist funeral services do not involve any reciting of prayers. You may also opt to just recite a few Bible verses. However, you may not want to read out the entire Bible verse. This is because some Singaporeans may find it offensive if the entire Bible verse is recited. For example, a number of Malays and Singaporeans would find it offensive if the entire Bible verse was read out.
  • After your service, a viewing of the casket can be held at the temple offices. This is done by the grieving family before they finalize the decision of having the casket brought to their home. However, some choose to have the viewing of their loved one on the same day as the funeral service. In this case, the casket would be given to the funeral home for storage for the next three days.
  • Lastly, you can choose to have the funeral celebrated at a local temple. A local temple can allow you to make use of its worship space. The temple can hold a wake or special service for the deceased after the funeral ceremony. The temple may play instrumental music during the service. A live minister may give funeral prayers. In Singapore, most families choose to have the service celebrated at a local temple.


These are just a few tips on how you can have Buddhist funeral services in Singapore. If you are from Singapore, these are most definitely for you. You can find information on other funeral services and Buddhist Burial arrangements by contacting us today.

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