Casket Services

Casket Services

Casket services are available in a wide variety of options to meet the funeral service needs of any family. Some of the more popular options include a viewing or wake service, and a memorial service. If there are not enough funds to have a traditional funeral service, many funeral homes offer the option to use a casket. This is done by placing a removable casket into a graveside container for the deceased.

Cost Of Casket

Casket services are offered at various costs. Some charge a flat fee for the basic services and the remainder require payment through time. Most offer discounts for repeat or multiple services. Some families prefer the direct cremation option which allows immediate burial without the hassles of a traditional funeral. Direct cremation is the preferred method of burial in most cases.

Casket services use a funeral director or funeral home to assist families in making funeral plans. The cost of these services depends on the state where the funeral service is being held. A general rule is that the higher the expense is, the better quality of caskets are usually available. For a family who has decided to use a casket for burial, they should first contact the embalming or burial experts to find out what embalming options are available.

A large number of families choose an open casket funeral, because they find it easier to handle the emotional aspects of the loss. Caskets can be open or closed. Most families choose the open style because it allows the deceased’s remains to be viewed by everyone. A closed casket funeral allows the family to view the deceased’s body before the burial. This can be difficult for some people, because they are used to seeing the deceased’s body before burial.

The open or closed casket funeral service can be handled by the funeral home employee, or it can also be handled by the family member or friend who planned the funeral. It really depends on how close the loved one was to the deceased. For instance, if the deceased had children, then it might be wise to use a funeral home that offers this type of service. There are many funeral homes that offer this service for a small fee. Some funeral homes even allow a family member to perform tasks associated with the burial, such as embalming, burial site preparations and even the transportation of the deceased’s body.

Preparing The Casket During The Funeral

At some point during the preparation of the funeral service, family members may need help handling the logistics of the funeral. Many funeral homes provide casket rentals for a small charge. A family may want to rent a casket from a funeral home they already have a relationship with. This is often the best option for individuals who have friends or relatives that cannot attend the funeral service in person due to illness, the logistics of transporting the body from the funeral home to the mortuary, etc. It is also helpful for those planning a surprise funeral. For example, if a teenage girl had her wedding in town but wanted her family members to be able to attend the service, an employee of the funeral home might be helpful in organizing the final goodbyes.

The most traditional type of memorial service is the closed casket funeral. Often referred to as “passing of the casket”, this is generally when the body is not present. The funeral home will usually accommodate this request as long as it does not interfere with other preparations. For example, the casket can be opened and the remains viewed prior to the cremation. Then, the remains are placed inside the urn and the funeral service is held at the memorial service site.

Conclusion Of Casket Services

Other funeral arrangements can include a viewing for the family or friends who are away from home to attend the burial. Some people choose to have flowers and/or candleslighted inside the casket. Others prefer a viewing or simply put the body in the urn sealed. Whichever method you decide on for your loved ones, you’ll be providing a closure for their life – no matter how big of a loss they are.

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