Losing a loved one is an emotionally challenging experience, and planning a funeral wake at a funeral parlour can be overwhelming during such a difficult time. To ease some of your burden, we have prepared this comprehensive guide to Taoist Funeral Packages. By considering the key factors outlined below, you can ensure that you choose the right Singapore funeral package to honour your loved one’s memory and adhere to Taoist traditions.

Defining a Taoist Funeral Package

A Taoist Funeral Package encompasses a set of services and arrangements designed to honour Taoist beliefs and traditions while paying tribute to the deceased — from choosing a chant to identifying the best Taoist priest and choosing between casket burial or cremation post funeral.

Taoism, a philosophical and religious tradition originating in China, places emphasis on harmony, balance, and the preservation of ancestral customs. A Taoist Funeral Package is tailored to these principles, ensuring that the funeral ceremony reflects the values and beliefs cherished by the deceased and their family.

Benefits of a Taoist Funeral Package Singapore

Opting for a Taoist Funeral Package offers several significant benefits for both the deceased and their family members:

Cultural and spiritual relevance: A Taoist Funeral Package provides a culturally and spiritually relevant funeral ceremony that aligns with Taoist beliefs and practises, from the Taoist funeral rites to hosting in the correct family’s dialect. This ensures that the deceased receives a fitting tribute that dignifies their life and legacy.

1. Customisation and flexibility: Funeral packages can be tailored to suit individual preferences, allowing families to choose specific elements that align with their loved one’s wishes. From food offerings to Taoist funeral rituals, this customisation ensures a personalised and meaningful funeral experience.

2. Simplified planning process: By selecting a Taoist Funeral Package, families are provided with a comprehensive set of services and arrangements for their Taoist funeral service in Singapore. This streamlines the planning process and alleviates the stress associated with organising various aspects of the Chinese funeral.

3. Professional guidance and support: Funeral service providers specialising in Taoist Funeral Packages offer expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. Funeral directors are experienced in Taoist traditions and funeral procedures and can provide advice on cultural customs, rituals, and etiquette.

Who is a Taoist Funeral Services and Package For?

Taoist Funeral Packages are specifically designed for individuals and families who adhere to Taoist beliefs or wish to honour the cultural and spiritual heritage of their loved ones. These Taoist funeral wake packages cater to those who value the preservation of ancestral customs and seek a funeral ceremony that reflects Taoist principles of harmony, balance, and reverence for the deceased.

Additionally, Taoist Funeral Packages are suitable for families who desire a comprehensive and organised approach to funeral planning. By selecting a pre-designed package, families can ensure that no essential elements are overlooked and that the funeral ceremony runs smoothly.

The Collection Of The Beloved Deceased

Prompt and personal attention: We understand the urgency and sensitivity of the situation. That’s why our funeral services are available 24/7, ensuring that you receive the support you need at any time.

  • Funeral director consultation: Our experienced Funeral Directors will guide you through the funeral service arrangements, providing expert advice and support during this challenging time.
  • Filing the death certificate: We assist you in filing the necessary paperwork and preparing the death certificate, easing the administrative burden on your family.
  • Arranging the funeral venue: We help you secure an appropriate venue for the funeral, ensuring a peaceful and respectful atmosphere for the ceremony.
  • Transportation of the beloved deceased: Our professional team will safely transport your loved one from the hospital or home to our Embalming Care Centre, ensuring the utmost care and respect throughout the process.

The Funeral Preparation

  • Professional embalming: Our qualified staff performs professional embalming, including make-up, cleansing, and dressing, to ensure that your loved one looks their best during the funeral ceremony.
  • Premium polished wooden, half-glass coffin or casket: We provide a choice of a premium polished wooden, half-glass coffin or casket in either White or Brown, reflecting the dignity and reverence of the Taoist tradition.
  • Enlarged photograph and frame: To honour the life of your loved one, we offer an enlarged photograph along with six passport-sized photographs tastefully arranged in a wooden frame.
  • Newspaper notices and obituary placement: Our team advises you on the placement of newspaper notices and obituaries, helping you reach out to friends, family, and the community to share the news of the funeral.

During The Taoist Funeral in Singapore

  • Transfer of the beloved deceased: We ensure a seamless transfer of your loved one to the designated wake location, respecting their journey from this life to the next.
  • Taoist-styled decoration: Our team decorates the funeral venue in a traditional Taoist style, creating a serene and comforting environment for family, friends, and guests to pay their respects.
  • Floral decorations: We offer a photo frame with a floral wreath around it and a bouquet of tabletop flowers to represent the beauty and fleeting nature of life.
  • Mini portable speaker: Hymns or preferred songs can be broadcast during the funeral ceremony using a mini portable speaker, adding a personal touch to the service.
  • Memorial attendance books and funeral memorabilia: We provide memorial attendance books for family and guests to sign, creating a lasting tribute to your loved one. Additionally, we offer funeral memorabilia to honour their memory.
  • Coordination of service plans: Our dedicated team works closely with the crematory, cemetery, and other relevant parties to ensure a smooth and respectful final disposition of your loved one.
  • Glass funeral hearse and air-conditioned coach: We provide a glass funeral hearse for a grand send-off and an air-conditioned coach for transportation from the funeral location to the crematorium or burial site.

After The Full Taoist Funeral Services

  • Ash collection service: We offer an ash collection service, ensuring that the ashes of your loved one are handled with care and respect.
  • After funeral refreshments and catering: If requested, we can arrange for after-funeral refreshments and catering, alleviating the stress of organising this aspect yourself.
  • Application assistance: Our team assists you with the application process for funeral reimbursement claims and death claims, ensuring that you receive the eligible benefits.
  • Tentage set up for void deck funerals: Should you choose to hold the funeral service at a void deck, we provide a comprehensive tentage set up that includes canvas with curtains, carpeted flooring, round and square tables, plastic chairs, fans, and suitable lighting.

Choosing the right Taoist Funeral Package is essential to honouring your loved one’s memory while adhering to Taoist traditions.

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