Cremation Services

Cremation Services

How can I make sure my loved one is cremated properly? You should first consult with your funeral home or provider before the service to find out what the procedure is. Often, the crematorium will send someone to your home to place the deceased in a container outside your home for the disposition. Sometimes the container is delivered the day of the service. Ask your provider about all of your loved ones’ choices for cremation services and what forms of documentation they require before the container is placed at the mausoleum or cemetery.

Cost Of Cremation

How much should you pay for cremation services? The price for final disposition varies depending on how many people the family has invited to attend the service. If more than four or five are being mourned, the cost can go up dramatically. Those attending services are also likely to have more than one body, so you may be required to charge extra for multiple remains. The funeral home director can assist you with these details and recommend a charge based upon the number of remains.

Where will the cremated remains be placed? Many families want the heartier or their home to be the location for the memorial service and burial. Others choose a separate location, such as the back of a gravestone or inside a cemetery. Again, the funeral director can assist you with recommendations and options.

What materials do I need for a traditional funeral? It’s perfectly acceptable to use ordinary elements that are commonly found at a funeral home, such as urns, vases and candles. If you choose, some funeral parlors offer a variety of other options, including urns made from wood, marble and granite. Some even offer cremation caskets. These are just a few examples of funeral items that can be purchased in a brick and mortar funeral parlor. For more choices and options, browse through the Internet to find specialty providers near you.

Urns Design

Cremation containers come in a wide array of styles and designs, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your individual needs. Some families prefer an urn that looks like a marble or granite statue, while others prefer a modern artistic urn. You should also inquire about urns that incorporate cremation ashes into the container. Urns may contain anything from hair to ashes.

After you have decided on the type of container you want for your loved one’s cremation services, you should also consider embalming or having a memorial service to mark the occasion. Professional embalmers and urn makers offer many methods of embalming from which you can choose, ranging from custom orders to standard embalming kits. The methods available to allow you to personalize the container to your exact specifications. Urns may also include small items like a Bible or photo albums.


After you have chosen the right container for your loved ones cremation services, you should also consider the memorial service. There are many funeral directors that offer memorial services that can be viewed in public. If you have someone in your immediate circle of family and friends who can perform the service for you, this can make the experience much more meaningful. If you are unable to find a funeral director near you, there are other options to consider as well.

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