Exhumation Services

Exhumation Services in Singapore

Funeral directors in Singapore commonly offer exhumation services. It is the job of the funeral director to notify the family or friends of a possible death prior to the expected time of burial. An exhumation usually occurs following the funeral service at the grave site. A body is usually exhumed to test for any disease and/or infections that may have spread to the body. Exhumation also allows for any investigation into the possible causes of death that would not be detected during the traditional autopsy.

There are many instances in which exhumation services are conducted following the death of a loved one. Family members may need to verify that there was a burial, prior to the cremation. The cremation can then take place following the conclusion of the funeral service. The requirement for exhumation in Singapore has been steadily increasing in recent times as a result of the amended cremation law where burial grounds no longer exist for human remains.

There are also instances where the body is not properly identified following death. Some families opt for the cremation of their loved ones, to avoid the expense of embalming or creating a memorial garden. Other bereaved families may choose to cremate their deceased, although this does incur some additional costs.

Methods Of Exhumation

There are three main methods used to exhume the body: the traditional ground and cremation. The first method is the most preferred, however it does entail additional digging at the grave site. With the ground and cremation, the body is usually exhumed prior to the actual cremation. Burial sites are replenished with fresh soil following a short period.

Memorial services can also be held for those that did not choose to cremate their loved one. Memorial services are traditionally held within a church or other religious structure for those that could not attend the traditional funeral service due to various reasons. Since the concept of individualized memorial services was introduced, many bereaved family members have their own personal choice for where their loved one’s remains are buried. However, there are still instances when the exact location is decided upon by the family. This is often the case when the body was cremated following death.

If the body of your loved one has not been cremated following death, then there are still some options available to you regarding exhumation services. A number of funeral homes offer this service free of charge to families that would like to have their loved one’s remains exhumed. There are certain requirements needed for this to take place however. The most important requirement is that the body must be sent to the funeral home by a professional service to get the bones properly handled and prepared for burial.

You can help in preparing the deceased body by performing the final details. Such as embalming, the funeral services can be officiated by anyone you wish. You may choose to do it yourself or you may ask for assistance from a licensed embalming and body specialist. It is recommended that you contact a professional so as to make sure that you will not endanger the life of the deceased during the process. The next step would be to prepare the body for cremation. Once this has been done, you may transfer the deceased to the casket and prepare it for transportation.


These are just three of the most popular ways of how the exhumation process is done in the event that a person dies in Singapore. It is important that you research more about the specific method you want to use to avoid any problems later on. Promisedland will be able to provide you with information regarding the exact steps that need to be followed for an exhumation process in Singapore. Contact us to learn more.

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