Free Thinker Funeral Packages

Free Thinker Funeral Packages aka Non Religious Funeral Packages are getting common in Singapore as more people are choosing to be non-religious. In particular, Free Thinker Funeral Packages are also designed for Humanists and Atheists.
Free thinker funeral

Free Thinker Funeral Packages Price

We believe in providing affordable and reasonable pricing for our clients. After having over 50 years of experience in providing funeral service, we have designed our package in a way to tailor to every client needs after several feedback. The services in our package are selected to ensure every needs are included for a complete and proper funeral.

Our package only starts at $3,800 for a 3 days funeral and $4,500 for a 5 days funeral. Every stage of the funeral process is included below:

1. The Collection Of The Beloved Deceased

  • Prompt and personal attention at any time, 24/7
  • Funeral Director consultation with regards to the details of the funeral service and arrangements
  • Filing the death certificate and preparation
  • Arranging the funeral venue
  • Transporting the beloved deceased from the hospital or home to our Embalming Care Centre

2. The Funeral Preparation

  • Professional Embalming by qualified staff (inclusive of make-up, cleansing and dressing)
  • A Premium Polished Wooden, Half-Glass Coffin or Casket available in either White or Brown
  • An Enlarged Photograph with 6 Passport-Sized Photographs
  • An elegant wooden frame for housing the photograph
  • Advice on the placement of newspaper notices and obituary

3. During The Funeral

  • Transfer of the beloved deceased to the wake location
  • Free Thinker-styled decoration
  • Floral decorations (Photo frame surrounded with Floral Wreath and a bouquet of tabletop flowers)
  • Mini Portable Speaker from which hymns or any preferred songs would be broadcast (Bluetooth Connectivity Function/AUX cable provided)
  • Memorial attendance books for family and guest to sign
  • Funeral memorabilia
  • Coordination of service plans with the crematory, cemetery and others responsible for the final disposition of the beloved deceased
  • Glass Funeral Hearse for a final grand send off
  • Air-conditioned Coach (return trip, from funeral location to crematorium/burial site)

4. After The Funeral

  • Ash collection service
  • Provision of after funeral refreshments/catering if requested
  • Application of funeral reimbursement claims (If eligible)
  • Application of death claims

Planning to hold a funeral service at a void deck? A canvas tentage set up is needed in the venue. Funeral parlours can sometimes be inconveniently situated for family members and guest hence, holding wakes at void decks is a popular choice for Singaporeans. Parlours are not always available whenever needed as the limited amount of land in Singapore designated as parlors that translates into high occupancy rates.

Itemised Breakdown of the Tentage Set Up

  • 3 Sided Canvas with Curtains and Carpeted Flooring
  • 10 Round Tables
  • 10 Squared Tables (Inclusive of A Reception Table)
  • 150 White Plastic Chairs
  • 2 Standing Fans
  • 4 Ceiling Fans
  • Illumination of the void deck with suitable lighting


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