Free Thinker Funeral Services

Free Thinkеr Funеrаl Services In Singapore

Free Thinkеr Funеrаl iѕ a Non-Believer’s funeral or a person without a religion. Free Thinker Funeral Service is a popular option given by many people who want a very personalized funeral service for their departed loved ones. There is usually no strict tradition or script to follow for these, meaning lots of discretion for the bereaved family. However, this also means that making a funeral service a ‘free thinker’ service may be tough. To help you better plan an appropriate funeral for your departed loved one, below are some of the more popular free-thought service options in Singapore.

For those who may not feel comfortable having a religious service or perhaps do not wish to be connected with a particular faith, there is always the option of a service that embraces the meaning of life. With this type of funeral service, the deceased is honored and given a special funeral package, which often includes a book of poem and a funeral candle. These packages are available at most funeral homes in Singapore, as well as online.

Whether you choose to conduct a traditional funeral or one that embraces a spiritual path, the important thing to remember is that you are making an investment in the life of your loved one. By paying attention to details, choosing high quality services, and offering thoughtful funeral packages, you will show your love and respect in the most fitting way. This is why it is important to look into the various options that are available when planning funerals. By doing so, you will be able to provide your loved ones with the service that they deserve.

Free Thinkers doesn’t have a set belief in any particular religion and tend to have their own individualistic religious views different from traditional, often Roman Catholic, religious beliefs. Thus, there really are no defined methods for a funeral service held for freethinkers; they can truly be tailor-made and fully customized by the bereaved family as well. Here is an example of a Free Thinker funeral ceremony.

Process of Free Thinker Funeral

First, the body is taken to a local funeral home. The funeral director will perform embalming if requested, as well as other important pre funeral procedures. After the body has been removed from the casket, it is wrapped in a white sheet and given to the family for later display. In many cases, this includes displaying it at the funeral home. Next, the funeral director will create a wooden frame or other container to display the lifeless body of the dearly departed. If preferred, flowers may be displayed on the frame as well.

The family members then take the body to a cemetery, where the remains will be prepared for burial. A bronze plaque or other type of marker may be created to help guide family members towards the right spot. The Free Thinker funeral package will come with a pamphlet that contains these instructions.

Another version of a non-religious Free Thinker funeral service is one in which the funeral service is conducted in a temple. This is particularly popular in Singapore, as the country has a strong Buddhist and Taoist tradition. There are many options available for those who are looking to include a spiritual element to their funeral. Depending on the size and type of the temple, the priest or temple elder may be able to suggest religious readings or songs that may be appropriate. Special hymns may also be played during the service. A special menu may also be prepared by the pastor or temple elder.

Some people may choose to attend a Free Thinker Funeral service in a different way. Many of the traditional funeral ceremonies and customs associated with a funeral have developed through the years. Instead of focusing on religion, people often opt to focus on loved ones and what they taught the deceased. These can include stories about how the person took care of his or her own children, or how the person is with their family today. Free Thinker Funeral Songs is often sung by family members at such services, as they reflect the person’s life well.


There are many ways that funeral services in Singapore can accommodate the desires of those who wish to have a religious or nonreligious service. While it may be tempting to hold a service devoid of any religious content, temples and religious groups should not stand in the way of a person’s freedom of choice. By allowing people to hold religious and non religious services, these groups are only creating a sense of division within their community. It is important for people to respect the choices that individuals make regarding the type of funeral they would like to have. As long as these choices respect the choices of other individuals, everyone will be able to find a Free Thinker Funeral package that works for them.

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