Funeral Packages

A Complete Guide on Funeral Packages

Some funeral packages include a transportation vehicle. The price will vary depending on the time of year and the distance the guest will have to travel. Typically the mileage is less than a one-hour drive. In addition, a transportation vehicle will allow the casket to be at the funeral home before the actual service. This also allows time for photos to be taken and other preparations to be made. Typically a transportation vehicle will include a CD player so there will be plenty of music to keep everyone in tune.

Another great use for funeral packages is for a memorial or wake service. These services are often held at a hall inside the funeral home and are smaller than the traditional funeral service. A memorial service can include an individual or group of people and may not last more than an hour. In most cases it is a private gathering with no officiating and a short memorial service.

Other uses for funeral packages are to have a graveside service. A graveside service is usually only one or two hours long. Most family members and close friends will attend and share memories about their loved one. They can also share a special sentiment for cremation versus burial. Some funeral packages also come with a burial service program or CD. These are designed for direct burial.

The cost of funeral services varies depending on the needs of the family. It will depend on how elaborate you want the service to be and what kind of materials you desire. Funeral costs will vary across different packages and services. Check out our Buddhist funeral, Taoist funeral and free thinker packages to learn more.


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