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Guide to Choosing a Funeral Parlour

What is a funeral parlour? A funeral parlour, is a facility that offers funeral and burial services for the deceased’s families and the immediate families. These services can consist of the provision of a funeral service, and a funeral wake. The wake is actually an additional service held prior to the actual funeral memorial service. It can also be a private gathering held at the funeral home during the wake. Many funeral parlours offer spiritual support as well.

There are many instances in which the funeral home will direct you to a funeral parlour. If the body is not buried in a traditional cemetery, the funeral director may suggest a cemetery. If the body is cremated, the funeral director may suggest a cemetery. Some cemeteries have restrictions on where cremated remains can be placed. The location of the cemetery is determined by the state.

Some funeral parlours have a direct line from the funeral homes, which allows family members to directly contact the funeral parlour for questions and needs. Other funeral homes have a one-stop shopping center for all funeral needs. In these instances, the funeral parlour obtains all of the needs of the family before making a decision. Some funeral homes also hold private ceremonies for burial services of the deceased.

There are two types of funeral parlours: memorials and interments. Memorials are ceremonies held at a later date in memory of the deceased. Memorials are held at any time, with the exception of a week of the month of a missing person’s anniversary or in the case of burial. Memorials may be planned, purchased, or contracted to other people. Interments are designed for the permanent burial.

Most home funerals are non-directly funded. Funeral parlours do not have to worry about whether they can fulfill a need or not. In fact, most home funerals can be done at the parlour since the body can be moved at a later time. In a funeral service at a local funeral parlour, the family has more control over funds than a traditional funeral, in part because funds can be raised using a credit card.

To make funeral planning easier, here’s a sample template message that a funeral parlour will present to the client: “It is with the greatest sadness that we realize that the untimely passing of Mr. David J. Doe, age thirty-three, has taken his own life. We, of course, appreciate your sympathy in the loss of his family and in his untimely passing.” Now, take this template message and modify it for your own personal use. It may even be used as a template for other funeral speeches or announcements you may need to send out.


Embalming-related expenses are often overlooked in funeral plans, but it is an expense that is not necessarily thought of until it is too late. Embalming will create a heart mender for flowers that are sent after the burial; it also saves the family from the expense of embalming. The most important thing for a funeral planner to remember is to give everyone a copy of the funeral plans and begin planning the funeral as soon as possible. If you don’t have a final plan and just want to know the plan of action, contact a funeral director at a local funeral home or send an e-mail to the funeral home referencing information you’ve already gathered. He or she will be happy to assist you and assist in making any other arrangements you may need.

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