Bidding goodbye to a loved one is a process steeped in emotion and reverence, more so within the Taoist tradition, where the farewell is considered an integral passage to the next life. Tailored Taoist funeral packages have emerged as a supportive hand to guide you through the funeral day process with care and respect, ensuring your beloved receives a dignified farewell. Let’s delve into the 3-, 5-, and 7-Day Flourishing Taoist Funeral Packages available in Singapore, their distinctions, and how they cater to different needs.

The 3-Day Flourishing Taoist Package: A Swift Funeral Service

The shortest yet most comprehensive funeral wake package we offer is the 3-Day Flourishing Taoist Funeral Package, priced at $7,588 net. For families who prefer a shorter mourning period, this package provides a condensed yet holistic farewell to the dearly departed.

The package includes the collection of the beloved deceased, professional embalming, a premium polished wooden or half-glass coffin or casket, and a thoughtfully arranged funeral venue. Further, Taoist-styled decorations, floral arrangements, memorial attendance books, and funeral memorabilia are taken care of during the wake, culminating in a grand send-off with a glass funeral hearse.

The 5-Day Flourishing Taoist Package: A Middle Ground Funeral Arrangement

If you seek a moderately paced farewell allowing more time for family and friends to pay their respects, the 5-Day Flourishing Taoist Funeral Package, priced at $7,888 net, serves as an apt middle ground.

It encompasses all the services offered in the 3-day package, with a slightly extended period for mourning. This package Buddhist Funeral Singapore offers is ideal for those who want more time to reflect on the deceased’s life.

The 7-Day Flourishing Taoist Package: An Elongated Taoist Funeral Service

For families that prefer longer funerals to honour their loved one’s life and legacy, the 7-Day Flourishing Taoist Funeral Package, priced at $8,388 net, offers a more extended, in-depth farewell ceremony.

This package provides an extended mourning period that allows for thorough homage to the departed soul. It includes all elements from the previous packages, ensuring your loved one’s journey is honoured with time, care, and attention to every detail.

After the Funeral: Continued Support in Singapore

Our support extends post funeral. Services like ash collection, post-funeral refreshments, and the application of death and funeral reimbursement claims (if eligible) are included in all packages, emphasising our commitment to standing by you in your time of need.

Opting for HDB Void Deck Funeral Services Singapore

Understanding the convenience and popularity of void deck funerals in Singapore, we provide an itemised breakdown of the tentage setup for these locations. This includes a 3-sided canvas with curtains, carpeted flooring, tables, chairs, fans, and suitable lighting to facilitate the ceremony, ensuring a respectful and dignified ambience.

Exploring the Elements of Taoist Funeral Packages: What Makes Them Unique

Taoism, with its rich tapestry of rituals and beliefs concerning life and death, imbues its funerals with deep symbolic meaning. It’s important to understand the distinct elements of a Taoist funeral to appreciate the spiritual depth of our funeral packages.

The Taoist Approach: Respecting the Deceased and Easing the Transition

Taoism views death not as an end but as a transition to another phase of existence. Taoist funerals are designed to honour the departed and assist their journey into the afterlife. This profound respect for life and the deceased is reflected in every aspect of our Taoist Funeral Packages.

Ensuring a Dignified Farewell: Comprehensive Collection and Preparation

The journey starts with the careful collection of the deceased and meticulous preparation for the farewell ceremony. Every package includes prompt and personal attention, 24/7 Funeral Director consultation, death certificate filing, funeral venue arrangements, and transportation of the deceased to our Embalming Care centre.

The funeral preparation includes professional embalming, dressing, makeup, and the selection of a premium polished wooden or half-glass coffin or casket. An enlarged photograph with six passport-sized photographs is also included, allowing the attendees to remember the deceased vividly.

The Funeral: A Blend of Rituals and Personalisation

During the funeral, we ensure the environment reflects the Taoist tradition along with the personal preferences of the deceased and their family. Taoist-styled decorations, floral arrangements, and memorial attendance books are included, as is a mini portable speaker for broadcasting hymns or other preferred songs.

The inclusion of funeral memorabilia reflects the Taoist belief in remembering and honouring the departed. The coordination with crematory and cemetery services, coupled with a grand final send-off with a glass funeral hearse, ensures a dignified farewell befitting your loved one, whether you choose cremation or burial.

An Extended Hand: Post-Funeral Services

Our responsibility extends beyond the farewell ceremony. Ash collection service, post-funeral food offerings and refreshments, application of funeral reimbursement claims, and death claims are all part of our commitment to provide holistic care to the bereaved family.

Navigating the Farewell Journey with Buddhist Funerals Singapore

Bidding farewell to a loved one is a personal journey that is often challenging and emotionally draining. Taoist Funeral Packages in Singapore, such as those offered at our funeral parlour, are designed to ease this difficult path. With over 50 years of experience in providing respectful and holistic funeral services, we tailor our Taoist funeral rites and packages to every client’s needs, offering emotional and logistical support at all stages of the farewell journey.

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At Buddhist Funerals Singapore, we believe in providing affordable, reasonable pricing for our clients. Our experience and client feedback have enabled us to design packages that cater to varying needs, ensuring a complete and proper funeral. When the time comes to bid a loved one farewell, you can count on us to honour their life and legacy with dignity and respect. We’re available for free consultation 24/7 at +65 8127 5655. In times of utmost need, allow us to shoulder the responsibilities so you can focus on what truly matters—cherishing your loved one’s memories and legacy.

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