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Taoist Funeral Service In Singapore

Taoist Funeral Services is different from other funeral services since the mass is held in the temple and is attended by many people. There is also a special program that gives an account of the life of the deceased and some of his favorite sayings are read out. The actual funeral service can take place on a Sunday, at any time after Mass has been finished, or in a temple or a Taoist cemetery.

Taoist funeral services are based on the idea that Jesus was raised from the dead, that he is interred with his body and is present with all the faithful, until the end of time. Taoist beliefs are different than Buddhist beliefs, but they share in the concept that a person is saved at conception and will live eternally. Taoist believe that salvation is through the prayers of the individual. They also believe that salvation is accomplished at the moment of death, so that the soul is eternally blessed. Taoist believe in predestination, or that a person is determined to be saved before birth. They also believe that heaven is everlasting and that there is a heaven of divine bliss.

There are several elements to a Taoist funeral services and the actual mass itself takes place on a Sunday morning at the parish temple or in a temple courtyard. The funeral mass usually starts with a brief introduction of the Most Holy Mother, then praying for the deceased, and ending with a few minutes of vespers or singing of the Divine Office. Taoist generally have their funerals conducted in the morning, with the funeral mass being conducted and concluded at noon on the same day. If there is a possibility that rain may come into the area where the funeral service is being conducted, it may be cancelled or postponed until another day. In the event of rain, a funeral mass can still take place as usual but the outdoor scenes with the candle burning and rosary necklace worn by the priest will have to be stopped.

The five-day funeral services and burial are traditionally used in Singapore. The body is not present at the actual service, as it is not considered to be an authentic burial, nor is the crucifix, which is a religious symbol of Christianity that was left by Jesus Christ. Instead, the funeral mass is conducted in the afternoon, after the services have been completed with the burial. The body is then present in the temple, the following day, at which point the families and friends gather to say goodbye to the deceased. In some cases, the body is not present during the actual service because it has been refrigerated or preserved at the funeral home before being transported to the cemetery. The five-day funeral services are used for all types of funerals, and there are several different types of Taoist funeral services.

Process Of A Taoist Funeral Service

The first Taoist funeral service in Singapore is the Holy Communion. This service is conducted in the afternoon in the parish temple. People who attend are asked to wear white, as this is the traditional dress code for the Taoist temple in Singapore. People can also wear their Sunday clothes inside and attend if they choose; it is optional.

After the funeral mass, the Taoist funeral package travels to the cemetery. It is accompanied by a number of beautiful gifts from loved ones, which are mostly ornamental including crosses. All of these are dedicated to the memory of the deceased. The last stop is a special presentation of the crucifix, which is supervised by a Taoist priest.

Other Taoist funeral services include the Departure Mass, which is conducted in the afternoon for those family members who are away at work. They meet at the temple after the regular service, and this service is facilitated by a priest. This mass is attended by all family members, and the temple is cleaned before the arriving guests.


A Dignified Taoist Funeral Service follows very similar procedures and traditions as other funeral mass. Apart from the pallbearers and buglers, there are no clergy or special visitors allowed to attend such a service. Only the family members and close friends may be there at the actual funeral mass. The funeral mass is conducted in the evening with the priest leading the group as they read the readings. At the end, a candle lighting ceremony is held where the departed one is laid to rest. For some, this is the most important part of the entire funeral. Contact us to know more about our Taoist funeral packages.

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