What is An Urn?

An urn is typically a small stone, usually with a flat cover, with a usually pointed neck over a square shaped body and sometimes with a single or double lever closure. The word “urn” itself literally means, “a container for ashes.” Simply defining a container as an urn, as opposed to any other form or item, generally refers to its intended use and not any particular form. As the name implies, all urns have some type of closure mechanism to seal the contents inside at the time of death, whether it be a hole to hold the ashes in, a handle to pull down and release, or simply a band around the neck of the urn to hold them in place.

Most urns are round, since most people will choose one with the same shape and size of their loved one’s casket. However, there are other shapes of urns available, such as ones with a pointed, narrow neck and deep, round bases. These types are more suited for female flowers or plants, as they can rest tightly against the rounded body. While urns with narrow necks may be preferable for women, those with round bases may better suit men.

Types Of Urn

There are two general types of urns, each having their own unique personality and appearance. The first is the container that holds the cremated remains during the burial or funeral service. The second is the actual container that the remains will be placed into after the funeral or burial. These two types share some similarities, but there are also some key differences. Both will go through an important process before the actual container is selected, but the burial urns are placed in a private area, which makes them somewhat closer to a permanent mausoleum.

There are two common cremation urns available: the container and the vase. The container type will be made of either wood or metal and will have the same basic features as the burial urn. The actual urn, on the other hand, will have a narrow neck and be taller than the container. Some of these urns are made from stained glass, while others are made from ceramic. They can also be made from ceramic, stone, wood, or plastics. With all of the different options out there today, there is sure to be one that will best suit your needs.

For example, some containers are simply cremation urns with some additional materials added. Some urns can be sealed and buried with the remains of the deceased inside of it. Other choices are simply a casket that sits atop a grave liner. No matter what your final decision might be, you can rest knowing that your loved one’s remains will be given the best burial that they can.

There are many benefits of the permanent burial versus cremations, one of which is that of cost. Cremations are much more expensive than burials. Also, burials can take up to a year before the ashes can be ready. With the urn option, the ashes will be ready for burial within 24 hours after the death. This is certainly a big benefit over other types of burial customs.

Another reason why urns are preferred over other types of burials is because they are much more durable and less expensive. If you need your urn to last for generations, consider getting an urn that is made of strong wood, such as cherry or maple. Another great investment tip is to purchase an urn that can be displayed in a display cabinet or funeral home. With all of the money that is spent on funerals these days, this should not be too difficult to accomplish.


For those who do not have enough money to purchase a wooden container, you might want to consider using a ceramic container instead. You can get urns that are made with many different materials, including glass, stone, marble, and porcelain. You can even get urns that are designed to sit directly on a grave site. The options are almost endless when it comes to this type of container. If you are working with a limited budget, consider using a cheaper container to store the remains until you can afford a more durable casket or burial container.

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